The main part of our activities is erecting scaffolding. Our certified scaffolders have many years of international experience and work mainly on facades and industrial projects.

Their standard work involves projects for houses (scaffolding height 3–6 metres), apartment buildings and various industrial high-rise buildings, where scaffolding height is often greater than 65 metres. This, of course, involves required certification—apart from a scaffolding permit (which is paradoxically valid throughout the whole of the EU except for Sweden), each employee must also have a special Swedish scaffolding permit entitling them to perform scaffolding work at a height of over nine metres. As well as that, our employees’ equipment and clothing satisfy the strictest Swedish standards.

Our standard work is over one or two shifts, although we have also worked on projects involving night work. Each crew has a team leader responsible for supervision and reports and the results of the whole crew.

We work with three types of scaffolding: frames, modular and tubular (tubular scaffolding is already somewhat outdated and no longer used as standard). In Sweden, we mainly work with the HAKI, Layher, Altrad, Plus8 and Super9 scaffolding brands. In Finland and Germany, we use Alfix and Layher.