We perform all regular types of construction work for our clients. We also install coffered ceilings and insulation and engage in many other types of construction. The three main professions currently in most demand and which we mainly focus include the following:


Apart from working with wood, carpenters basically do everything on the construction site other than working with concrete, foundations, metal working and roofing and tiling work. This is not, however, simple labour, but highly specialised work. In Sweden, for example, completely different procedures exist, even for regular installation of windows and doors. As a company, we also engage in plasterboard work.


Our concreters perform formwork using Peri and Doka systems. Their job description includes formwork on foundations, floors, decks and stairs, pouring concrete into foundations and slabs, smoothing concrete and installing prefabricated parts. The most frequent projects include houses, apartment buildings and halls, and our most interesting project to date was the foundations for a church in Gothenburg.

Ceiling installer

We work either from scaffolding or moveable lifting platforms. We mainly install suspended and acoustic ceilings in hospitals, schools, hotels and shopping centres. There are two main types of ceiling systems—Rokfon and Ekofon. Apart from these, special aluminium, coffered or wooden ceilings are also available, and our employees know how to install all of these.

The time needed for each project varies depending on the professions. They may last for a month, several months or easily even for several years.